Fun Facts Quiz
Your chance to win

Use your newly acquired knowledge of Maui to answer the questions below! The first two people who submit all correct answers will receive a $100 credit at the Convention 2020 resort. Answer carefully!

1. What item can you mail from Maui as-is?

2. Every year, Hawaiians eat more than ____ cans of Spam.

3. Which of these sports were invented in Hawaii?

4. Which of these is illegal in Hawaii?

5. In life expectancy among residents of U.S. states, where does Hawaii place?

6. In Hawaii, you can experience ____ of the world's 13 climate zones.

7. What colors of sand can be found in Maui?

8. What animal are you unlikely to find in Hawaii?

Winners must qualify for Convention 2020 in order to claim prize. No portion of this prize incentive may be used as a rebate or exchanged for cash, or can be used to make premium payments for applicants from your funds or from accounts under your control regardless of applicable state law.

Source: Google Search Results, May 2019

Final determination of Convention qualification will be at the sole discretion of Midland National and they reserve the right to deny attendance to any qualifier.

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